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Harnessing Power of Art to Heal and Transform Communities

"hOMe™" is a series of immersive experiences featuring meditative arts created by inter-disciplinary architect Fanyu Lin, to address the global issue of mental health and well-being, through celebrating and exploring our inner dwelling, our outer habitat, and our shared home - nature. 


The artworks in public urban space and metaverse serve as an inspiration for us to appreciate the most natural and magical ability to breathe in - breathe out - that each one of us is gifted with, where we can experience a sense of belonging that’s deeply fulfilling and soul-nurturing, where we can find this unique place inside of us - home.

In June 2022, the World Economic Forum hosted the "hOMe meditative art exhibition" at the Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) in Presidio, San Francisco. hOMe was displayed at hundreds of locations across New York City in December 2022 through a partnership with LinkNYC. It is estimated that the hOMe guided breathing exercise and meditation was viewed by the public more than 18 million times

In the immersive experience, the artworks serve as visual and sound guidance for meditation and resonance breathing, with 7.83 Hz music of healing frequency that is in alignment with the rhythm of Mother Earth.

hOMe Space 1.jpg
hOMe Space 2.jpg

Artist’s Statement

Our home is our inner journey. It is only when we begin to integrate it within that it becomes an expression of self at a deeper level. Three Passions, the longing for our outer habitat, the search for our inner dwelling, and the responsibility to relieve the suffering of us mankind as well as nature.


Since nothing in the cosmos could be so self-sufficient to survive without its surroundings, the habitat becomes the most imposing and necessary of all activities in which we are involved in. I’m longing for exploring the countless possibilities of our outer habitat, not only because it is really an immense imposition and transformation of nature into Shelter, but if our choice of habitat is the wrong one, we are in for catastrophe.


With equal passion I wonder how to build the outer habitat from within ourselves as creative agents. “To go into solitude, a man needs to retire as much from his chamber as from society.” When penetrating inside my inner dwelling, I’m surprised to find how we could generate another dimension to the physical world we are part of – Emotion. The more we build up within ourselves by way of acting upon our physical surroundings, the more we are becoming a great expression of our emotion. Without the dimension of emotion, architecture and even the whole outer habitat are simply so flattened out.


Love and Compassion out of our inner emotion, as far as they are possible, lead upward toward the heavens. But always pity brought me back to earth. Though spanking new buildings are erected everywhere, the unexpected prosperity enjoyed by human beings during the past decades helps to disguise some sentiments which are never too far below the surface. Since the limitations of the resources can no longer be ignored, we should be aware of the price, which is to take the responsibility for our own actions. We are capable of building the world we are living in, and the fantastic ability comes with the very responsibility, which might serve as a catalyst for a revolution of our outer habitat in a wiser direction as well as a revolution of our inner selves.


About the Creator


Fanyu Lin is devoted to the art of making home, both as an architect and as an artist. For her, home is our inner journey, built on where we come from, inspiring where we are going in life. It is a reminder of our true identity, and with one’s true identity comes fulfillment and purpose, passion and a life well-lived.


After practicing meditation and breathing techniques for many years, Fanyu started creating the hOMe™ meditative arts, and became a certified Therapeutic Art life coach. By integrating a variety of art mediums with therapeutic techniques, and placing emphasis on mindfulness, self-awareness, and empowerment, individuals are guided to discover concealed aspects of their essence, transcend emotional confines, and reach higher potentials. 

Fanyu founded the World Home Foundation to harness philanthropic power for tackling the global housing crisis - one of the biggest social, economic and moral challenges facing humanity today. She served as the CEO of Fluxus, a real estate & infrastructure technology and consulting company, committed to sustainable way of building energy-efficient buildings and net-zero cities to improve quality of life.


Passionate about global communities, Fanyu serves on the World Economic Forum's Council on the Connected World, to shape governance and innovation of the internet of things and related technologies in the global public interest. She serves on the Bloomberg New Economy Cities Council to collaborate on a methodical, citizen-centric approach to urbanization.


Fanyu received Master of Science degree in Advanced Architecture Design from Columbia University, Bachelor of Architecture from Central Academy of Fine Arts.

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